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5 Best Tips on How To Be A Good Nanny

good nannies love their jobs babysitting kids indeed

Enough of all the basic, template laundry list of “good nanny” characteristics!

A good nanny should be punctual, polite, proactive with the parents and child, brimming with positivity, experienced and trustworthy.

Of course, who wouldn’t expect, know and want that!

Really, at baby.meide.sg, we want to be perfect too, but at times, we need to be realistic. Can all nannies be as perfect as we hope them to be?

To start, let us look at what we have today at MEIDE Babysitting’s experience in engaging nannies here in Singapore. Based on our daily interactions with our nannies, and continual feedback from our clients, we have compiled 5 best tips on how to be a good nanny.

Best of all, this is really specific to you, residing or planning to reside here in Singapore, and either engaging a nanny or planning to be a nanny.

Read on to learn how to be a good nanny, and how to know if your candidate is a GOOD NANNY!

#1 Maintain Good Communications

Good communication is number one trait in our search for the perfect nanny
Good communication is number one trait in our search for the perfect nanny

Good communication skills are key to being a good nanny.

But this does not mean you need to get a diploma or degree in communications, or be superb in any particular language. It simply means being on the same wavelength as the mummy and daddy! It also means being prompt in your responses and messages or calls.

Basically, we all know that some people talk more than others. We also know that some people listen more and empathize better. A good nanny will be able to adjust accordingly, depending on the parents’ profiles.

So, feel free to speak out more and explain elaborately with soft-spoken, first-time parents. They would likely appreciate your wisdom and advice! On the other hand, always listen first and understand the parents’ concerns and instructions with parents who already have their own beliefs.

Indeed, not every nanny can be a right fit for every household.

Hence, before even diving into the job scope and schedule arrangements, start by getting to know one another’s family background, religion, culture, and languages spoken. This will quickly help you see if communications can be smooth and successful between both parties.

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#2 A Good Nanny Will Educate Oneself and Keep On Learning

Learning skills like first aid and CPF is all part of what makes a good nanny too
Learning skills like first aid and CPF is all part of what makes a good nanny too

A nanny’s job is a professional job, just like a teacher in infant care or childcare.

There are plentiful things to learn, re-learn, and keep improving upon!

On top of improving communicative skills (as we talked about earlier), babysitters and nannies should also stay abreast with the latest first aid and CPR skills, and take up courses to facilitate early childhood learning. Having a certificate in first aid and infant CPR immensely boosts the confidence parents have in nannies! It reassures mummies and daddies that their baby is safe with the nanny.

Oh yes, did you know there are special techniques nannies can learn, to enhance brain development and groom babies’ social and adaptive skills too?

Learning is a lifelong event, and there are countless ways to improve upon nannies’ qualities. Some nannies learn music to enable them to get children involved musically! Some nannies can also introduce sports like swimming and ball games to little ones.

All said, a good nanny thus keeps educating oneself and is always passionate about her job (or rather, calling)!

#3 A Good Nanny Loves Her Job

good nannies love their jobs babysitting kids indeed
Good nannies love their jobs babysitting kids indeed

A good nanny loves children, and loves babies. Ultimately, that is one key defining characteristic.

If one does not find fondness with children and babies, one should definitely NOT be a nanny!

Hence, a good nanny will be always there to care for the kids regardless whether the child is bubbly and cheerful, throwing tantrums, or wailing and screaming. In fact, one unique attribute of babysitting is that the planned schedule often goes awry due to children’s ever-changing mood and needs.

Instead of having a rigid mindset, being able to adapt and stay optimistic is really helpful. As a wise sitter said, “go with the flow”, and remember that as long as the kids remain safe, healthy and happy, the parents would have a peace of mind too!

#4 Cares for Parents and Children Equally

A good nanny places the parents priorities ahead of their own
A good nanny places the parents priorities ahead of their own

Wow, really?

The children come as a package with the parents! As pediatricians-in-training quickly learn too, at least half and often more of the time, during consultations and treatment, is spent on the parents.

As one might have figured out, caring for the kids alone is probably insufficient to be a good sitter and nanny. Even though some parents might say, “just care for the kids”, what they really mean is “just care for the kids like the way I do”.

Thus, it helps tremendously if a nanny always tries to look into matters from the perspective of THE parent. A good nanny should clarify with the parent if what they are doing is all good and what the parent wants. Alternatively, the nanny can politely suggest their own recommendations. Of course, the parents should have the final say as to how they want their kids taken care of. Remember again, different parents have different ways of looking at things!

Going back to what we mentioned in #1, communicating with the parents will enable you to comprehend the parents’ needs, wants and expectations better.

For instance, some parents might want a nanny to be around, but not be too involved during the babysitting. The mummy or daddy may want to be directly interacting with the child alone, and would prefer if the nanny just stands at the side to observe and be on “standby” to assist. In such cases, the nanny should be understanding and not exert his or her presence too much by interfering with the parent-child session.

#5 A Good Nanny Stays Healthy

A good nanny stays fit and fab and takes care of her diet too
A good nanny stays fit and fab and takes care of her diet too

Yeah, it sounds easier than it actually is! One really does require conscious effort to stay healthy. Especially in a delicacy heaven in Singapore, healthy eating can be hard to maintain!

Furthermore, nanny duties can stretch long hours. This may leave you little time to exercise. Not to mention, caring for a crying baby and stressed-out parents can be mentally exhausting.

Therefore, MEIDE’s advice is to be sure to upkeep a personal schedule complete with time for yourself, to do regular exercises, eat clean, as well as take care of your psyche! We recommend doing silent readings, playing soothing music or simply meditating.

Did you know, a good nanny and a good babysitter will also go further in staying healthy via these 5 physical criteria specially curated by BABY.MEIDE.SG? Check it out!


All in all, we know that being a good nanny isn’t straightforward. Neither does it come naturally or without effort.

In reality, the “perfect nanny” who fits all the 25 criteria of a “checklist”, and 10 sterling qualities exalted by “nanny websites” hardly exists.

Whether as parents, fellow nannies, or a platform arranging nanny services, we all should instead strive to create mutually supportive relationships between all parties.

As we stated in our #1 recommendation of how to be a good nanny, let us just start with that and use it to build the best human relationships!

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