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6 Best Ideas For Gender Reveal Parties

Gender Reveal ideas from MEIDE Babysitting team

Learning the gender of your baby, whether at gender reveal parties or not, is probably one of the biggest and most exciting moments during your pregnancy journey.

So, when do you know if your baby is a boy or girl?

Normally, with ultrasound scans, parents can find out at around the 20-week gestational age. However, with advancement of technology, such as the NIPT test, parents can now find out the baby’s gender as early as 12-14 weeks.

Now, the question is, how and when would YOU and YOUR PARTNER want to know?

Prepare for the Gender Reveal Moment

Well, if you are not planning, or have not planned anything out of ordinary, you’d find out your child’s gender during the prenatal appointment reviewing the NIPT lab results or during the ultrasound scan.

However, if you are planning a specific moment, a gender revela party, or simply do not want to know and wait until birth, then this is for you.

The best course of action thus, is to request for your doctor to write it in a sealed envelope. Also, you may also ask a trusted friend to receive the results from your doctor and arrange for the momentous gender reveal occasion.

Remember, this is to be top secret so that everyone attending your party does not know and all of them will be surprised.

After reviewing research and discussion with various parents in Singapore, MEIDE Babysitting team has collated these popular gender reveal ideas that are not just easy-to-plan but also exciting and memorable!

Here are the best ideas for your gender reveal parties:

1) The Balloon Pop

    Balloons and confetti are popular ways to reveal your baby gender at parties
    Balloons and confetti are popular ways to reveal your baby gender at parties

    Some say it is cliche, but we think this awesome idea never gets old!

    Start with using an opaque, dark-coloured balloon, and fill it up with pink (for girl) or blue (for boy) confetti. Once it pops, the flying confetti will reveal the surprise. To ensure that it’s fair, We recommend getting a fairly large balloon so that you and your partner can pop the balloon together at the same time. Many hardware, party stores or even supermarkets in Singapore sell these coloured balloons in different shape, sizes and styles!

    Variant to Balloon Popping

    Need more action and adrenaline?

    You can arrange gender reveal balloon popping by playing an interactive game too. Start with AT LEAST 10 balloons, or more if you have many guests. Before blowing up the balloons, fill up one balloon with pink (for a girl) or blue (for a boy) paint and the remaining with white paint.

    Then, secure all the balloons to a board. The new parents can start playing to see which one will pop the ‘belly’ first. If you would like everyone to be involved, this game can also be played with your family, friends and other guests as well.

    Take note: a slight downside to balloon popping is that it tends to get messy with all the paint and/or confetti. Hence, you might want to organise this outdoors, and don’t forget to plan and book for post party / event cleaning too!

    2) Gender Reveal Surprise Balloon Box 

    Next, we also love this gender reveal idea. All you need is a box and some floating balloons!

    In a giant box, pack several pink (for girl) or blue (for boy) helium balloons in it. Then cover it with a lid. You can organise several activities such as slideshows, movie clips, quizzes, or simply have the new parents play some games and give their predictions.

    At the right time, open the lid of the giant box. Tada! The coloured balloons will float out to reveal the surprise! To ensure that the box is not accidentally opened, keep the box in a safe place and seal it securely.

    3) Gender Reveal Cake

    Organize Gender Reveal parties elegantly with Gender Reveal Cakes
    Organize Gender Reveal parties elegantly with Gender Reveal Cakes

    Alright, for the less adventurous, all is not lost!

    One really elegant, easy, and delicious way to organise the gender reveal is by baking or buying a “gender reveal cake”. After all, it’s not a party without cake, right?

    With a gender reveal cake, the baby’s gender is revealed during cake cutting. Think of it as the special moment, like when you cut your birthday cake, or when you and your spouse cut your wedding cake.

    Traditionally, gender reveal cakes should be baked/filled with blue (for boy) or pink (for girl) fillings. Be sure to cover up the fillings completely and fully with your own creative ideas! Or simply get renowned cake shops and bakers to prepare it for you. For the cake toppings, a few safer suggestions are to use either chocolate or vanilla frostings.

    Variant: Cupcakes for Gender Reveal

    Yummy gender reveal cupcakes are always welcomed
    Yummy gender reveal cupcakes are always welcomed

    Are you more of a “cupcakes” kinda person? You can do the same thing as described above with a whole cake for gender reveal, with cupcakes!

    We recommend that multiple cupcakes be baked and placed on a tray. Following that, ask your guests to pick their cupcakes. Everyone will then take the first bite at the same time to reveal the baby’s gender. The cupcake filling reveals the answer – blue for boy and pink for girl!

    4) Pinata Idea for Gender Reveal

    Do you know what a Piñata is?

    Basically, it is like a toy, but diligently wrapped and “protected”with many layers of plasters, paper, cardboard and the like. The Pinata is typically hung overhead, or carried by a long stick or pole by someone.

    You can either make one via D.I.Y materials yourself, or buy one online or at a party store.

    The new parents can then try to whack the pinata with their device of choice. It should take quite an effort (and sweating) to finally “destroy”the pinata and reveal what is within it!

    Any pink object, complete with pink confetti bursting out of the pinata with that FINAL whack, will reveal that the baby is a girl! And if it is a boy, use BLUE instead.

    5) Confetti Cannon or Silly Strings

    Pop confetti cannons to reveal the gender of your baby in a photogenic fashion
    Pop confetti cannons to reveal the gender of your baby in a photogenic fashion

    Again, this gender reveal idea can be pretty messy!

    You will need to purchase the confetti cannons and / or silly strings to make this work too.

    At the exact moment of gender reveal, pop the confetti cannons, or shoot out the silly strings together! Mummy and daddy can do this together, or with the whole group at the gathering! The color of the strings will thus reveal the gender – pink for girl and blue for boy.

    With confetti, it will surely create a perfect photo opportunity and make the vibe more festive. We recommend this gender reveal idea for big parties, especially if it is in an outdoors setting or in a big hall or conference room.

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    6) Gender Reveal via Egg Roulette

    Somehow, this is quite a popular gender reveal idea.

    It is done by using a dozen eggs, boiling 11 eggs and leaving 1 egg raw/uncooked. After making sure the remaining eleven eggs are hard-boiled, colour all the eggs using blue and pink dye. Be sure to mix them up to confuse guests. However, colour the one raw egg the CORRECT colour showcasing the correct baby gender (blue for boy, pink for girl).

    As this game is prepared at home, get a trusted friend to help you colour the raw egg using the right colour. We highly recommend using edible food colour dye.

    Now, all that’s left to do is to smack each egg until the raw one is found. You can do this with your partner or guests and have a big mess!

    Or, in our preference, save the eggs and by smacking them more gently on each other’s mouth or face. Then, you can still eat the eggs after the game!

    Extra Gender Reveal Ideas with Siblings

    Oh yes, and what if you already have children?

    Of course, you should get the siblings involved in getting to know the gender of their upcoming sibling!

    With many of the gender reveal ideas above, they can be customized to include sibling. For instance, get the older sibling(s) to open the box of balloons or play the games.

    However, in case there will be many children, be sure to babyproof your home before the gender reveal party!

    Want More Gender Reveal Ideas?

    Honestly, the sky’s the limit when it comes to gender reveal parties.

    From gender reveal chocolates, cookies, crossword puzzles, toys, treasure hunts, shirts and apparel, and sporty ideas (we saw one showcasing a demo MMA fight where the pink fighter wins the blue fighter, concluding the baby as a girl), feel free to share your ideas and experiences with us and other parents!

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    If your budget allows, you could also set up prizes for guests who guess the right gender, with any games or ideas above mentioned.

    One fun way to stimulate the discussion and tickle your guests is by telling them “Old Wives’ Tales”!

    Finally, there are plenty of ways to memorably reveal your baby’s gender as new parents. Whether you are having a boy or girl, revealing your baby’s gender can be a public event shared with your loved ones or a private moment with your partner. We hope these ideas will help you enjoy your gender reveal party to the fullest and decide how to reveal your special announcement.

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