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8 Best Parenting Events for Mums and Dads in Singapore

Find your baby apparel easily with baby fairs and more parenting events here

Parenting events in Singapore are aplenty.

From family days organized by clubs and associations, to festival celebrations, and self-organized family trips, these parenting events serve meaningful purposes to strengthen bonds between spouses and children.

Are you a new family here in Singapore? Or, perhaps you had just migrated to Singapore and need some advice on parenting events?

From shopping deals, to exciting seminars, and activities to build robust relationships within the family, we have compiled a list of comprehensive parenting events.

Here are 8 best parenting events that mums and dads should jot down into their calendar:

Mother’s Day

On the second Sunday of May every year, the world including Singapore celebrates Mother’s Day!

This is often a momentous celebration despite the fact that it is not proclaimed a public holiday in Singapore.

This is because most residents in Singapore are off work or school on Sundays anyway, and will take this opportunity to organize something to thank their mothers and grandmothers even.

We strongly advise you to book dining reservations weeks in advance, as well as buy excursion tickets (if any, eg. to Zoo or USS) way ahead of time. It is not surprising to see many places being fully booked and tickets sold out for Mother’s Day in Singapore!

Nonetheless, parenting events need not be all extravagant and expensive. Check out MEIDE’s list of ideas, gifts and celebrations for Mother’s Day with no money involved here!

Mums for Life

Honestly, this national movement came a bit later compared to “Dads for life”(see below). But, better late than never, right?

One decade after the Dads for Life National Movement was started, the same organization (at current) under the Centre for Fathering, supported by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, started Mums for Life!

Under this social movement arm in Singapore, Mums for Life organizes many talks and workshops for mummies frequently, all year round. You can learn about these parenting events here.

Whether you are a first time mum, or mother of 3, or a nanny who hopes to learn more tips to care for newborns and toddlers, you could sign up to benefit from such enrichment courses!

Father’s Day

Dads and Mums should take note of these important parenting events in Singapore
Dads and Mums should take note of these important parenting events in Singapore

Similar to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is celebrated every year internationally.

Instead of the second Sunday of May, Father’s Day is on the third Sunday of June, yearly. Easy to remember huh?

Again, families flock to restaurants, attractions, and other festivities to commemorate this fatherly occasion.

Whether it is your father or grandfather, this is the special day to express all your gratitude and love excessively for him!

There are a thousand and one things to organize and do with daddy: from simple dining experiences, to exotic eateries, adventurous hikes, staycations, beach outings, video games sessions, sports like golf, and many more.

Be sure not to miss out on this momentous parenting event for all daddies in Singapore!

Dads for Life

Along the same lines, Dads for life honors fatherhood in Singapore exuberantly too.

Founded in 2009 by a prison officer, this national movement has been hitting headlines pretty frequently in Singapore!

This national movement now collaborates with many other enterprises as well as non-profit-organizations (NGOs) in Singapore. All year around, there are over a hundred and counting events affiliated to Dads for Life that will promote fatherhood and parenting.

Needless to say, it is during Father’s Day that the highlights of this movement show up. After all, we think the main aim of this movement is really to make every day of the year like “Father’s Day”.

Indeed, fatherhood is an everyday event, 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Thus, check out the list of parenting events and related to Dads for Life here and participate today!

Valentine’s Day Celebrations

Get the latest updates on Parenting Events in Singapore with MEIDE Singapore
Get the latest updates on Parenting Events in Singapore with MEIDE Singapore

Yes, it might seem odd, but Valentine’s Day is really a parenting event too. All good parenting stems from a healthy marriage between couples. And, a healthy marriage arises from loving partners. Hence, we encourage all married couples to treat Valentine’s Day as a day to shower your partner with love and thank them for their contributions to the family and kids.

Although there is an option for you to celebrate Valentine’s Day purely with your one and only, you can also choose to celebrate V’day as a whole family!

Here are some tips to reward your spouse for the hard work as a parent.

Oh, and did we mention? Valentine’s Day is on the 14th of February every year (duh).

Amongst the myriad of parenting events in Singapore, Valentine’s Day has got to be one of the most romantic occasions. Hence, be sure to plan ahead, and get your flowers, chocolates, gifts and surprises ready for your spouse (and kids)!

Mummys Market Parenting Events

Find your baby apparel easily with baby fairs and more parenting events here
Find your baby apparel easily with baby fairs and more parenting events here

Alright, heads up all shopaholics!

If you haven’t heard of the Mummys Market, you might very well have missed out on some cheap deals!

Basically, this parenting event is organized by Expo Group Pte Ltd – a corporate company that specializes in organizing big shopping fairs, conventions, and the like. If you have been to the Expo before, experienced the gigantic halls and countless booths, you’d get the idea of “expo”.

Something like the Great Singapore Sale (GSS), the Mummys Market is an event that promotes baby brands and items to parents all over Singapore. Right now, this sales event occurs several times in a year. To know the exact dates of this event, check out Mummys Market website here.

On top of shopping deals, they also organize contests and educational seminars. Additionally, they operate as an online store all year round now too. Thus, feel free to check them out in the comfort of your living room.

From our own experience though, beware that not everything sold at the “Mummys Market” may be the “best deal” available online. If you are a veteran shopper, do check out alternative marketplaces like Shopee, Lazada, Carousell, and your nearby baby stores too to compare prices, to avoid getting ripped off.

Baby Fair / Expo Parenting Events

Initially, we were confused too. However, we soon realized that the “baby fair”, “baby expo” and “mummy market” are actually pretty similar in nature.

Whilst the above mentioned “Mummy’s Market” is organized by Expo Group Pte Ltd, the “Baby Fair or Expo” is now organized by BABYLAND.COM.SG – a different organizer.

Again, this is actually an online ecommerce store. However, they have expanded beyond that to organize a physical expo event. Similar to a large-scale shopping event, the baby fair is focused on selling baby-related items and products relevant for parenthood.

From our research thus far, the “baby fair” is more focused on shopping deals and seem to have relatively less educational talks. We believe this baby fair parenting event will go on for several times a year. Check out the period of discounts on their website here.

Now, other than the special online deal dates of 1.1, 2.2, 3.3, 4.4, 5.5 and so on, you have more dates to lock in your discounts for kids’ products and services!

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Singapore Parenting Festival

Lastly, this is a relatively new campaign organized by MediaCorp and theAsianParent (both Singapore media-related companies), and is set to run annually around the month of APRIL and MAY.

In essence, this parenting event seeks to raise awareness, promote learning and cultivate better parentcraft amongst Singapore residents. Each year, it comprises an array of talks, seminars, contests and shopping events too.

Many of these talks are free-of-charge, but do bear in mind that it may come with potential brand biases or promotions, as the event is after all sponsored by several corporate entities.

If you are still in time for this year’s festival, check out the available seminars and talks here!


In conclusion, there are no lack of parenting events in Singapore for mums and dads to benefit from.

In particular, first time parents would be more than elated to know about the plentiful resources available here.

Do you know of even more parenting events?

If so, feel free to share them at our social media platforms!

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