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Available Babysitting Services in Singapore


With the advent of the internet and search engines, parents are spoilt for choice when choosing between many available types of babysitting services in Singapore. Or are they?

Sometimes, too much of a choice becomes too much of a bother, really.

Take for example, an imaginary website that simply throws you a whole database and list of babysitters and nannies. And, granted that you may be able to select based on location, profile, or other characteristics, how do you even begin the search?

As a disclaimer, this search is never straightforward. But, with guidance, things may become smoother! For starters, you can learn about factors that affect your babysitting costs here. Then, you should also be aware of the terminologies. So what are these myriad types of babysitting services?


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Babysitter Versus Nanny

In essence, “babysitters” and “nannies” mean, and should mean, the same thing! In order not to confuse readers and “already-flustered” parents, both the terms babysitter and nanny are simply used interchangeably to mean the SAME ROLE.

Then, why make things difficult?

Perhaps the difference comes from usage by different companies and agencies. As a local online source states: “While there isn’t a clear distinction between a babysitter and a nanny, we shall take the term babysitter to mean someone who just minds the child, while a nanny shall be taken to mean a lady who also helps out around the house and often stays overnight.”

Indeed, this is quite a common (mis)conception. To clarify things once and for all, check out this table:

Know The Difference Between Babysitters and Nannies (Once And For All!)
CATEGORYBabysitterHow MEIDE bridges both stereotypes!Nanny
DefinitionA person who provides child-minding services, usually temporarily and paid by the hour, for parents and caregivers.A caregiver, usually female, who provides support and help for families by minding the children, attending to social and emotional factors, and doing duties as agreed upon when the babysitter is engaged.A lady who provides holistic care and support for the family, with particular and primary attention to the children and their physical and psychological needs.
Price RangeUsually more economical and easier to negotiate payment rates per hour.We allow you to grab the best value for money you can (and should) get for your desired requirements and expectations. How? We detail it here!Usually higher fees are required and prices are less easy to be negotiated.
SchedulingUsually flexible and can be negotiated to fit unique circumstances (eg. ad hoc, urgent, per hour, or regular schedules)We match whatever unique schedule you may require – whether ad hoc or long-term – with our wide range of babysitters/nannies!Depending on each nanny, some expect only to work during the day (eg. daytime nanny) and some are okay with working overnight (eg. overnight nanny or stay in / full time nannies).
Job DutiesPrimarily watching or looking after your children and basic duties are included, although many customers do assume that babysitters are okay with doing what the parents themselves do in order to care for their children too.The job duties and scope is boundless before we get into a discussion. But largely you can expect the babysitter to put your children’s needs foremost! Duties such as diaper changing, feeding, and basic cleaning are definitely included. If you need additional duties like cooking and grocery shopping, we can arrange it too. Refer to our FAQs here for the full list!A broader scope of duties are often EXPECTED from parents such as caring for the mother (during confinement period by “confinement nanny”), grocery duties, cooking, cleaning, and some say even massages!
Gender StereotypesUsually Female but increasingly more parents are receptive to Male Babysitters too!MEIDE does not discriminate any gender – we have had customers laud many male as well as female babysitters. Although our database still comprises of females as a majority (we are being transparent and honest here!), providing the special match for each unique customer is still always the ultimate goal.Almost certainly females and large majority of customers in Singapore always assume nannies are female. Also, there is a pre-conceived notion that nannies may need to stay or sleep near the baby or mother hence females are still the “norm”.

Now, you will never get confused between a babysitter and nanny again!

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Here is a summary table for your easy reference!

All TimingsTypes of Services AvailableAll Days
Indoor OR Outdoor Babysitting
Babysit At Babysitter House OR Parents / Own House
7AMRegular Babysitter
Full Time Babysitter
Daytime Babysitter
Part Time Babysitter
Ad Hoc Babysitter
Temporary Babysitter
Regular Babysitter
Full Time Babysitter
Daytime Babysitter
Part Time Babysitter
Ad Hoc / Temporary Babystter
Weekend Babysitter
Stay In Nanny / Helper / Babysitter
7PMDaytime Babysitter
Evening / Night Babysitter
After Work Babysitting
Part Time Babysitter
Ad Hoc / Temporary Babysitter
Weekend Babysitter
Evening / Night Babysitter
Part Time Babysitter
Ad Hoc / Temporary Babysitter
12AM TO 7AMOvernight Babysitter
Overnight Nanny
Weekday Babysitting Services
Temporary / Ad Hoc Babysitter
Overnight Babysitter / Nanny
Weekend Babysitter
Temporary / Ad Hoc Babysitter
All TimingsStay In Nanny / Helper / Babysitters
OthersHotel Babysitting Services

Details On Types Of Babysitters

Full Time Babysitter

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A full-time babysitter is akin to a full-time nanny – and would most likely be solely working for you and your family. He or she will dedicate most, if not all, of the work schedule for you. Thus, you can easily arrange for long working hours such as 3 to 6 days a week. For each day, you can request for between 8 to 12 hours. These said, it is important to ensure your babysitter gets sufficient rest too by allocating regular break times. Have a chat HERE with our helpful babysitting coordinators to plan these out optimally!

In consideration of the above, it is also important that the salary is sufficient to cater for the financial needs of the babysitter too. At MEIDE, you can negotiate the working hours and days for a full time babysitter, but always bear in mind that the take-home pay overall per week or month needs to be adequate.

Additionally, a full time babysitter can be either: self-employed, employed under you via an employment agency (eg. confinement nanny – for whom the parent needs to directly apply for a permit from MOM), OR employed by an external company and allocated for you. The finer details (eg. CPF contributions and benefits, etc) can be confusing – hence, leave it to MEIDE to sort these out and you can focus on what you truly require for your kids instead!

Why Engage A Full Time Babysitter?

In Singapore, many families require a dual income setup due to high costs of living. This means that the parents are not able to look after their children without getting help. Although there are alternatives like getting a foreign domestic helper, sending your kids to childcare centers, or roping in family members and relatives’ help, there are many concerns and downsides to such arrangements. Hence, should you face adversity with those options, a full time babysitter would be really beneficial for you.

For instance, foreign domestic helpers (FDW / MDW) can abscond, or refuse to do certain duties. Families in the midst of changing FDWs / MDWs, or still awaiting for one, benefit hugely from engaging a full time babysitter. This prevents disruption to the families’ dual income capability. Therefore, a full time babysitter does complement families with (or without) foreign domestic workers too! 

Sometimes, grandparents can fall ill, or simply need a break or vacation. In particular, families with multiple kids face such scenarios. Thus, a full time babysitter can significantly relieve the physical and mental stresses of caregivers too!

Regular Babysitter

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A regular babysitter is a very popular and frequently requested long-term babysitting service by parents. Regular babysitters will dedicate fixed timings and days for you, usually weekly. For example, you can choose to have babysitters take care of your kids every Monday afternoons and Wednesday evenings – recurring weekly. Or, you can choose to have the babysitter come in regularly every 2 to 3 days, at a certain time. With a wide range of babysitters and nannies at MEIDE, we can cater to your unique schedule (almost) 24/7 with regular babysitters. Remember, regular babysitters are for long-term, or at least mid-term, arrangements!

Why Engage A Regular Babysitter?

Many families with kids already have certain care arrangements for their children. However, due to work and life changes, a regular babysitter may be required to “jaga” (temporarily mind) the kids. For instance, a switch from Work-From-Home (WFH) to “return to office” mode means there will no longer be a pair of watchful eyes to mind the kids. Hence, regular babysitters can take care of the kids whilst you go to work. Or, if your kids go to school or childcare, regular babysitters can send and fetch your kids to and from school. If you need to work overtime at times, the babysitter can mind your children at home whilst awaiting you to return from the office.

In fact, there are boundless other possible scenarios where a regular babysitter can really help with your workload and hectic schedule. With regular babysitting, you can handle your work and personal commitments with a peace of mind at last!

Part Time Babysitter

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A part time babysitter is another very highly sought after option amongst parents and grandparents for their children and grandchildren respectively. Part-time babysitters can become regular sitters, or they can be ad-hoc. You can engage them for just 1 to 3 hours for a one time service. Or, you can choose to engage them once every few days, or purely for the weekends too.

Essentially, part time babysitters often have other work or personal commitments, but they hope to contribute towards taking care of children during their free time, and earn extra cash! There is a wide array of profiles, including but not limited to, childcare teachers, confinement nannies, retired aunties and grandmothers, students studying early childhood education, and even pre-university or pre-polytechnic young adults who are experienced and passionate about kids!

Safety is a top priority and MEIDE babysitters are always screened and vetted thoroughly by trained professionals before we match them.

Why Engage A Part Time Babysitter?

Are you new towards engaging a nanny or babysitter in singapore? Then, you can simply give it a trial by engaging a part time babysitter. Especially for first-time mummies and daddies, a babysitter can give you a new lease of life that you never knew could “re-exist”. From being trapped in a seemingly endless cycle of changing diapers, feeding milk, and coaxing your little one, you and your spouse can finally arrange a romantic TWO-PERSON date night again!

Additionally, there are moments where a helping hand is really required too. For instance, some of our clients are moving house, or handling their renovation works! Also, many expats require a babysitter when moving into Singapore, to take care of their children, whilst they handle all the errands related to settling down in a new country. These are pretty frequent circumstances that our babysitting coordinators encounter when arranging a part time babysitter for the customers!

Of course, many new parents and even parents-to-be are hesitant about having anyone (other than themselves) take over the care of their precious little bundle of joy. We at MEIDE fully understand that. Hence, if you are wishing for some help, but still slightly doubtful, why not try a part time babysitter first?

Fit in a special date and time slot with us at MEIDE Babysitting to arrange this babysitting today – we promise that just like many of our clients, you would hardly regret having the additional freedom bestowed upon you!

Ad Hoc or Temporary Babysitter

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An ad hoc or temporary babysitter is basically a part-time babysitter who does not commit regularly or long-term with you. These sitters or nannies are there to provide you assistance and help whenever and wherever you might need them. Often, these babysitters can attend to urgent requests and last minute notice of need for babysitters. However, do expect to pay a higher rate per hour in view of the ad hoc nature and possibly short time period of notice.

Why Engage An Ad Hoc or Temporary Babysitter?

Is your baby down with a flu, fever or even COVID-19? Or, is the caregiver, parent, or yourself sick? Perhaps, your regular babysitter is not feeling well or could not attend the babysitting session for any other reason. Here, you can request an ad hoc or temporary babysitter from MEIDE. These babysitters can stand in as urgent replacements, to allow you a breather, whilst reconsidering your long-term care arrangements. 

Worried still? Rest assured that even with last minute and urgent bookings, MEIDE Babysitting places your baby’s health and safety as our top priority. We will NOT match you to a babysitter if the experience and skill levels of the babysitter do not fit your requirements and expectations. But when we do match, we ensure the best possible fit of a babysitter for your baby! For all you know, you might like them so much that you want to change the temporary sitter into a longer term one!

Daytime Babysitter

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Daytime babysitters are aplenty with our company! In fact, almost all our babysitters, including the ad hoc, regular and full time ones as described above, are considered daytime babysitters. These sitters are available from as early as 7AM onwards. However, you can choose to engage them from 730AM, 9AM, or later too. They are available for work from just 1 or 2 hours, up to 10 to 12 hours. We can also cater daytime babysitters for you whether you want them to babysit in your house, or babysit in their own place!

Why Engage A Daytime Babysitter?

Are you exhausted from taking care of your baby 24/7? Or, is your helper or the baby’s grandparent overwhelmed with multiple children to look after? If so, a daytime babysitter is suitable for you to alleviate the child-minding workload. With a daytime babysitter, you can choose to still remain around to monitor and supervise. Alternatively, you can leave the babysitter alone with your baby once you feel comfortable and safe enough. Remember to get some fresh air and lift your spirits!

Evening Babysitter

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An evening babysitter is able to take care of your children any time from 5PM onwards, up until 11PM usually. Due to the work timings, these babysitters may charge slightly higher rates per hour. Many of these babysitters may have other work or personal commitments. For instance, they may have another babysitting job in the daytime, or another day job. You can choose to engage the babysitter every evening from Monday to Friday, or simply for just a few selected weekdays.

Why Engage An Evening Babysitter?

The main purpose of an evening babysitter is to cater for parents who may need to work late or stay overtime! Also, an evening babysitter can allow you some me-time and enhance a couple’s relationship by reducing childminding workload and increasing available bonding time! Furthermore, if picking up your child from the childcare center, school, or extracurricular activity is always too much of a rush, you can request for the evening babysitter to pick up your child and accompany the child home first. The sitter can help in showering the child, preparing dinner and conducting enrichment activities or play time whilst awaiting you to return home.

Weekend Babysitter

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So far, most of the babysitters elucidated above will only have available working schedules for weekdays, and sometimes half a day on Saturday. Babysitters are human and need rest and family time too! However, this means that you may still need additional help for Saturday afternoons and evenings, or Sundays and Public Holidays.

Fret not! With our dedicated database of “weekend babysitter”, MEIDE can provide you with additional help when your daytime or regular nanny takes her well-deserved rest. As expected, weekend babysitters will charge a higher per hour rate. However, with regular and long term engagements, we can negotiate a bargain for you. Due to our established brand and experienced coordinators, we have always had excellent success rates in matching a fitting babysitter with very economically-viable prices for parents!

Why Engage A Weekend Babysitter?

It is just too common to hear this from parents when asked about their weekend plans: “it doesn’t exist”, or “simply burnt taking care of kids”. But now, you can relive your younger and vibrant weekend plans again! Go to the beach, hang out with your single friends or fellow parents, and even grab a drink at the club or pub. Or, go ahead and plan a staycation or quick overseas getaway!

We believe parents are human too and need to unwind from all the work and household chores. That is precisely why a weekend babysitter can be so life-changing when you have experienced engaging one.

Overnight Babysitter

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An overnight babysitter is a really essential and highly-sought after nanny who can take care of your baby anytime from 7PM onwards, until the next morning, up to 7AM. That is a maximum of 12 hours – a really long duration if you think about it. Moreover, they can work overnight for you for several nights in a row. Overnight babysitting service can be both temporary or ad hoc, as well as long-term and recurring!

Be sure to ensure your overnight babysitter has adequate space and time for rest too. Working through the night is no simple task. Often, overnight babysitters will still need to get their breaks or naps – especially when the baby is sleeping.

As a bonus, some overnight nannies can sometimes double up as evening babysitters too! The key difference is that they can, and will, stay throughout the night whilst you get you required rest. Not surprisingly, overnight babysitters command a higher babysitting rate compared to other types of babysitters.

Why Engage An Overnight Babysitter?

If you are lucky enough to have a baby that sleeps well and quietly throughout the night, thank the heavens and stars! If not, you can also find out about the reasons (HERE) why your baby is having trouble sleeping, and how to help your baby sleep better at night HERE! All said, eventually if you really want the best help there is, engage an overnight babysitter with us at MEIDE Babysitting!

Babies who are not sleep-trained, not well-adjusted to sleeping soundly through the night, or simply cry and wake up multiple times nightly can severely disrupt their parents’ physical, psychological, and emotional health. It could even lead to relationship strains, lower immunity, loss of jobs, and other undesirable outcomes. Hence, an overnight nanny is vital to prevent (or repair) such problems!

Confinement Nanny

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A confinement nanny is a very specialized type of babysitter. They usually have extended duties and greater expectations laid upon them. Besides caring for a baby, who is usually within the first 16 weeks of life – the most vulnerable period, confinement nannies need to care for the mother too. Thus, confinement nannies will be able to do basic housework with respect to the baby and mother. They can do cooking and grocery shopping too. In particular, they will have had specialized training and qualifications. Most will prep parents beforehand on the job scope and list of tasks to be done and even provide you a list of logistics and ingredients (eg. herbs, raw food) to prepare. Confinement nannies are usually engaged on a monthly-basis. At MEIDE, we can arrange it for you monthly (standard fee) or weekly (higher fee). We can also arrange special applications for you to keep your confinement nanny beyond the standard 16 weeks!

Why Engage A Confinement Nanny?

Whether you are a first time parent or not, you ought to know that both the mummy in confinement period, as well as your neonate, are really vulnerable and susceptible to ailments during the first few weeks of life. Hence, a confinement nanny is highly recommended to reduce your risks of undesirable mishaps.

Yes, a confinement nanny can really “save your life”, as many of our clients have testified too. In fact, engagement of a confinement nanny is so crucial that the majority of would-be parents book them months in advance. Wait no more if you are considering a confinement nanny, and contact us at MEIDE HERE for one!

Stay In Babysitter or Helper

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As the name implies, a stay-in babysitter or nanny is with you 24/7. The main difference between a stay in babysitter and a foreign domestic helper, is that babysitters are professionally trained and specialize in caring for your children. Thus, even though babysitters or nannies do not cover the entire scope of housework and cleaning, and not all of them do cooking too, you can have a peace of mind with regards to child care. Furthermore, you can choose to have a specific stay in babysitter who is oriented towards developing your child in certain areas. For instance, the babysitter may be a highly qualified music teacher or math/science whiz – who is also passionate about educating young ones – so as to focus on grooming your child’s talents!

Nevertheless, it is not very easy to find a perfect stay in helper. The demands of the work are extremely rigorous as the babysitter needs to practically sacrifice all his or her time and days. Salaries for such sitters will be counted on a per week or per month basis and unfortunately one cannot expect to get a good and qualified babysitter with lower-than-normal market rates.

Parents should be aware that even for stay-in babysitters, they require days and time off for their personal health and maintenance.

Why Engage A Stay In Babysitter?

Are you reaching the end of maternity or paternity (parental) leave? Are you strongly against the idea of hiring a migrant domestic worker (MDW / FDW) for personal reasons?

Regardless of reasons, MEIDE recommends a stay in babysitter for parents who have much difficulty in coping with their babies. This can be applicable for many new parents, full-time working professionals, families who run businesses (and have no time to spare), or families who have kids that require special attention too.

The reason for a stay in babysitter is really to help reduce the hassle of hiring multiple different sitters. Otherwise, parents may end up with a daytime babysitter plus an overnight nanny and even part time babysitters who stand in whenever their regular sitters are on leave or sick. Definitely, coordinating between so many babysitters may end up taking a toll on the parents instead of helping relieve their stress!

Hotel Babysitting / Travel Nanny

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Have you heard of a hotel babysitter? These babysitters function almost similarly to regular or part time babysitters, except they provide the babysitting in hotels! This is a special babysitting service catered for foreign visitors, tourists, and expats.

To learn all about travel nannies, check this OUT!

More than that, hotel babysitting can also be engaged for hotel functions – including but not restricted to wedding banquets and conferences. Thus, wedding planners, corporate managers and event organizers can explore this utility to enhance their events. MEIDE Babysitting will recommend for multiple babysitters to be engaged and for a dedicated venue to be decided upon (avoiding hazardous areas like the swimming pool or smoking areas) whenever we arrange hotel babysitting.

With hotel babysitting, parents can bring along their little ones to be a part of any social or work event, and not worry about having no one to mind them. Furthermore, hotel babysitters love their work because they get to be in a posh and exquisite setting whilst playing with cute little children! Talk about a win-win-win situation!

Why Engage a Hotel Babysitter?

We have elaborated quite a bit above! But to reiterate:

  • Cater for tourists, short term visitors, on work or social trips to Singapore
  • Allow parents to relax in the hotel environment whilst babysitters care for your kids
  • Enhance the attractiveness and participation in hotel events like weddings and conferences
  • Assist expats in their settling down and moving in

Outdoor Babysitting

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Finally, outdoor babysitting is a growing niche service area for many babysitters! This used to be merely an adjunct service for tourists or expats, extending from hotel babysitting. Sometimes these outdoor babysitters double up as tour or local guides. However, nowadays, outdoor babysitting is so much more than just that!

Now, many local families will request for this too. When parents go out, they may need, or want to focus on their hobbies or other important matters. Hence, they can engage an outdoor babysitter to tag along with them and take care of their children whilst the parents are free to do anything else they want.

Many young families and parents are increasingly loving this option! As such, more and more babysitters are opening up their minds, and time slots, beyond regular indoor babysitting, to cater for outdoor duties too. In particular, outdoor babysitting is liked by our younger generations of babysitters because they get to explore Singapore too and socialize with a baby in tow! Rates can vary a lot depending on what you exactly need – hit us up at MEIDE Babysitting to get a really affordable quote!

Why Engage An Outdoor Babysitter?

When participating in social events, such as dancing, drinking or clubbing events, having your children beside you is probably not very suitable. Yet, parents may not choose to leave their kids at home for many reasons. For example, they may have a tightly packed weekend schedule, transitioning from a family shopping trip to a social drinking event and then to a family dinner again. Or perhaps both parents want to engage in an exclusive sporting activity without leaving their kids at home.

By engaging an outdoor babysitter to follow your family around, you can save lots of traveling time to move to and fro your residence just to pick up our kids again. Furthermore, your kids can actually be physically near and share in your experiences!

Babysitting for Special Needs

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A babysitter for special needs kids is an extremely qualified and well-trained professional – often with medical, pharmaceutical, nursing, healthcare and/or early childhood educational background. It may surprise you though, that such babysitters may begin from a  pretty young age, up to more mature ones. The charges for a special needs babysitting service is understandably much higher than usual babysitting rates.

Ultimately, the right babysitter for children with special needs needs to have the right training, mindset, and experience. Different types and different extents of special needs call for varying types of babysitters. Thus, trust us when MEIDE says the matching is not an easy task. We always aim to match the babysitters, who have the right attitude, and right aptitude, for your specific needs!


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