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MEIDE – Your Alternative to A Maid in Singapore

Find your regular maid cleaning without a maid here

Are you at a loss without your regular helper or maid around?

Or, are you contemplating getting helping hands, for cleaning or babysitting?

Now, you can get the help you need without all the hassle and paperwork or employing a full-time domestic worker (or migrant domestic worker, as some call them)!

As some of our observant users and clients noted, our name “meide” is really a slight pun and purposely named to be similar sounding to “maid”. Why so?

Even though some people may find the term “maid” to be less-than-savory, MEIDE feels that there should not be a need to “discriminate” or “judge” based on just this term. In spite of the “servant” definition listed in traditional dictionaries, the modern understanding of a “maid” today is really much more of a “helping hand” and much less of someone simply to be commanded around.

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Without ado, let’s check out all these possible tasks that MEIDE can handle for you (without a full time live in maid):


What more is there to add?

As an established company, MEIDE Singapore has a solid track record all these years in providing the plenty of cleaning that Singapore residents and business owners require!

Whilst we do not deny that there have been hiccups, and will continue to be, for no one can be forever perfect, the MEIDE Cleaning Team will keep doing our best to provide our delightful cleaning help to all who require them!

Did you know? There are plenty of different types of cleaning. Check out and understand the types of cleaning to determine which is the one you actually require before booking!

We cannot wait to clean your place!


MEIDE does laundry and ironing work too just like regular maid!
MEIDE does laundry and ironing work too just like regular maid!

On top of cleaning houses, our helpers can also do ironing and laundry stuff for you. We can fold clothes, hand-wash, use machine wash, dry the clothes, and tidy them and organize them for you!

Say goodbye to creases on your skirts, shirts, and say hello to seamless, smooth, continuous flow of fresh and clean laundry!

Book your #1 babysitting / cleaning services today, or join our team!

meide.sg is here for you, always.


In Singapore, there are lots of families who require help to take care of their kids. Many families are dual-income families and when daddy or mummy go out to work, who is at home to take care of the kids?

You can choose between a variety of childcare options, besides employing a full time domestic helper, here. Or, you can save all that headache and get the babysitting help from MEIDE too!

We cater for all types of babysitting requirements as explained here.

Whether you have a newborn, a toddler, or school-going kids and need someone to fetch them from school, mind them whilst they do their homework, and pack up the house in the meantime, or even bring the children out for excursions, trust MEIDE Babysitting to do it for you.


Is your maid on leave or sick? Find cleaning and cooking help with Meide Singapore instead here!
Is your maid on leave or sick? Find cleaning and cooking help with Meide Singapore instead here!

Cooking is not as frequently requested as cleaning, laundry, ironing or babysitting. However, when you do need it, the MEIDE team can arrange it for you!

When you require this, please specify to us so we can arrange for you specifically the tasks and type of cooking you need:

  1. Type of Cooking (Fry, Boil, Steam, Bake, or everything included)
  2. Type of Cuisine (North indian, Western, Halal, Fusion, Chinese, or everything included)
  3. Do you require the helper to go out to buy the groceries too?
  4. Do you require the helper to cut and wash the ingredients?
  5. Do you require the helper to cook based on their own method or follow your recipes?
  6. Do you have any specific serving suggestions or requirements?
  7. Cook for how many pax?
  8. Do you need the helper(s) to clean up the kitchen after cooking?
  9. Do you need washing of dishes after your meal (helper to wait for you to finish the meal)?
  10. How many meals and how frequent you need the service.

P.S. We have really experienced cooks and ex-chefs who are waiting to serve you!

Book your #1 babysitting / cleaning services today, or join our team!

meide.sg is here for you, always.


As mentioned above, grocery shopping can be done as part of cooking. Or, we can also allocate it as a standalone task too.

If you are too busy settling your holiday plans, or preparing for your work presentation tomorrow, let MEIDE know and we can arrange for helper to go and buy all your grocery needs for you!

We will handle the shopping and delivering all the items to your house based on your shopping list and budget. We can even help you to unpack and organize everything into the respective wardrobes and drawers!


Is your house a mess from recent moving, renovation or merely messed up from naughty children playing around?

Not enough helping hands, or your maid is on leave or unwell?

Get your help from MEIDE to pack up all the items back into their organized fashion!

We can help you organize your stuff neatly, or pack and unpack all your items whenever and wherever required. If you are moving to an office, or moving house, we can send down helpers to make your life easier so you can get a breather from all this packing!


Finally too, you do not need to worry about having no one to clean and wash your vehicle(s) with MEIDE around.

Our helpers can do the car washing at your place and convenience, at your specific request!

Please let us know if you require us to prepare and bring all the tools and buckets, sponges, etc, or you will instruct the helper with your own equipment (recommended).

Oh yes, and did we mention that car polishing and waxing services AT YOUR PLACE is available too?


The list of tasks available here is by no means exhaustive. Name your requirement(s) and we will do our best to arrange it for you.

We have actually also done: aircon servicing, dry cleaning of curtains, mattress and furniture steam extractions, specialized mold and rust removal, pest control, repair and handyman works, painting, and so on. Trust us, when we say that our resources are plenty to meet your demands.

Therefore, with so many available tasks that MEIDE can help you with, there is no more need to fret over having no full time maid or FDW!

Get your required help with MEIDE today – your best alternative to maid(s)!

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