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The 5 Best Gifts for Mother’s Day in 2022

Make Your Mother Day Special with MEIDE Gifts

Do you know how to celebrate, prepare and present the best Mother’s Day gift in 2022?

MEIDE.SG is glad to present to you our 5 top picks that will certainly make your Mother’s Day undoubtedly heartwarming and memorable. Trust us, the #1 home and cleaning services, at MEIDE, to provide you all you need to know for Mother’s Day Prep.

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Let us begin the preparation for commemorating our mothers’ love and giving:

When is Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day falls exactly on the 2nd Sunday of the month of May, following our Gregorian / Western / International calendar. Here is a table of the dates of Mother’s Day in Singapore, every year from 2021 onwards (we will update it as we go along the years):

20228 May 2022 (Sunday)
202314 May 2023 (Sunday)
202412 May 2024 (Sunday)
202511 May 2025 (Sunday)
Mother’s Day is on the second Sunday of May every year.

What is Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate and appreciate all our Mothers. During Mother’s Day, warmth and love should be felt all around because everyone (almost) would take this special opportunity to show gratitude and affection.

Although there are also many occasions to appreciate your Mother (such as International Women’s Day, and her birthday itself), Mother’s Day is special in Singapore because businesses and schools alike will jump on this day to propagate filial piety and love for your mum!

In fact, almost the whole world celebrates Mother’s Day. Although some countries celebrate it in March, many Western nations celebrate it in May. The commemoration of Mother’s Day occurs often not just for Mother’s per se. Many women, from great-grandmothers, to grandmothers, to foster mothers, to godmother, and religious figures or deities are paid extra respect during this day.

A Brief History

The exact origin of Mother’s Day was not created overnight. It took a handful of events. In particular, 3 ladies in the United States played crucial roles. They are Ann Reeves Jarvis, her daughter Anna M. Jarvis, and Julia Ward Howe. All 3 of them advocated for peace, and for children’s welfare and health.

Additionally, in United States, Mother’s Day celebrations first started in 1908. This was organized by Anna M. Jarvis. She wanted to commemorate her mother for taking care of soldiers during the American Civil War, and being a peace activist. Hence, she held a memorial in a church to mark this day as Mother’s Day.

In other sources however, people say that Mother’s Day started during the Middle Ages, where “Mother’s Day” was a day for working children to get a rest day, and visit their mother in church. This day coincides with the middle of Lent season according to Christian believes.

Lastly, in even ancient times, people believe that Mother’s Day was a day to celebrate their motherly figures in the divine realm. For example, Phrygians celebrate for their Great Mother of Gods – Cybele. Also, Hinduism uses this day to honor their motherly deity – Durga.

Despite varying sources and historical origins of Mother’s Day, one thing is for sure. We should cherish Mother’s Day and devote our hearts to this day!

Why Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Well, we hope that not many of you would ask this. Instead, it is commonly said that we should never take our mother for granted. Do not simply cherish your mother during Mother’s Day – show her love and gratitude every day (refer to this further below as one of our Best Mother’s Day Gifts! *hint*)

Nonetheless, if you must still ask, it is because of one most important fact. Without our mothers, we would not have existed in this world. For many of us, without our mothers, we would hardly have a roof over our heads, or food to eat!

They have taught us motherly love, warmth, and stuck with many of us throughout all tough times. In many people’s lives, their mother is a pure constant. A mother is a figure that is unwavering in all forms of support, motivation, and unconditional love.

Even in the worst of us, our “mother” would represent our beacon of light towards redemption! By saying so, we mean that Mother’s Day is not just about thanking our biological birth mother (albeit it being foremost vital too). We should also celebrate it with grandmothers, aunts, godmothers, stepmothers, guardians, foster mothers, and other motherly figures!

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Which Are The 5 Best Mother’s Day Gifts?

Well, if you are looking for something special, you are at the right place today.

At MEIDE, we recognize that what is special for you may not be that special for another person. Hence, dedicating a gift involves more than just buying something from a store, wrapping it up and delivering it to the receiver.

To learn more, read on to our 5 Best Gifts for Mother’s Day. With our tips, we guarantee your gift to be the BEST indeed.

Here are the 5 BEST Mother’s Day Gifts:

  1. Gift of Love
  2. Gift of Affection
  3. Surprise Her With Something New
  4. Fill Her Day With Fulfilling Events
  5. Material Gifts

1. Gift of Love

Firstly, one must understand that true mother’s love is unconditional, and can hardly be reciprocated in a same way. No matter how hard you plan your Mother’s Day, do not expect that you can match the amount of maternal love given by your mother! Perhaps, you could reciprocate by showing the same amount of love to your own child… and so the cycle repeats.

What could be the BEST Mother’s Day Gift of all time?

Certainly, it is not something immediately tangible for most families. The best way to reciprocate your mother’s love, is to provide her the gift of love. By loving your mother back, you can be sure to warm her heart and allow her to have the best Mother’s Day ever,

Then, the question is, how can you “love your mother back” and give her the “Gift of Love”? Allow us at MEIDE to offer two suggestions:

Reflect, Improve and Allay Her Worries

It all starts from serious reflection. What are your shortcomings? In what ways have you, perhaps, made your mother worried?

Conversely, you can also think about what you have said or done, that made your mother really happy or sad. Focus on the things that are positive. Then, focus on reversing the things that were negative.

In a broad example, if you have not had a stable job, and often had your mother concerned about your financial future, then securing a job that allows your a stable source of income may very well be a perfect gift of love for Mother’s Day.

If you have always had poor health, and neglected your physique in pursuit of wealth, then showing that you now place more importance on your body and health, would make another great gift of love.

Put simply, a gift of love for Mother’s Day can be about allaying your mother’s worries. By being a successful and independent child, you might already be providing the best gift of love to your mother.

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Be Around And Show Filial Piety

Next, what else can you do to show your mother love? If you have achieved success and independence, it is also important not to forget your roots. Remember to be available and around, for when your mother may need you.

As you get older, so do your parents. By being around to help your parents, as they get more frail and elderly, you are showing filial piety. This is an invaluable gift of love, and overshadows most other Mother’s Day gift claiming to be better.

As a summary, and to provide further tips to provide the best Mother’s Day gift of love for you, try these ideas:

  • Study hard, score good grades.
  • Be a good example for your siblings and other family members or relatives.
  • Do things that make your mother proud.
  • Show success and determination in what you do (eg. if you love soccer, be really good at it!)
  • Develop a sense of responsibility and independence.
  • Show maturity (avoid doing drugs and exorbitant spending)
  • Find a lifelong partner (if circumstances permit and the person and time is right for you too)
  • Reward your mother with grandkids!
  • Set up a recurring monetary gift for your mother. Even if she may not need the money, purely the show of sincerity touch her.
  • Set up a recurring gift for your mother/parents – for example, meet them every Friday night for dinner!
  • Take them out for an outing once a month – see below for ideas!
  • Get involved in the health and well being of your mother and father!
  • Spend quality time with your mother – have long and personal conversations with her without being distracted.

The list of ideas is boundless. In a sense, they also represent what we deem to be filial piety. And what better day to start these constant gifts of love, than Mother’s Day itself?

Find Your Best Mothers Day Gift at MEIDE.SG!
Find Your Best Mothers Day Gift at MEIDE.SG!

2. Gift of Affection

On this very special day, do not forget one thing.

Showing your mother blatant affection may very well be the best Mother’s Day gift!

In particular, in Singapore, many of us still abide by conservative Asian traditions. When was the last time you actually gave your mother a hug, a kiss, or words of affection and gratitude? Thus, take this opportunity during Mother’s Day, to provide your mother gifts of affection! And yes, these gifts of affection mostly do not cost any monies!

Yet, if you are still hesitant to hug or kiss your mother, and this is simply “not your thing”, we have two ideas to help you:

Actions of Affection

Doing things for your mother, that put a smile on her face, are actions of affection. We have suggestions that you can use to give your mother a gift of affection:

  • Take over her duties! Eg. if she drives your little sister to school daily, you can offer to send your sister to school for that day.
  • Create homemade presents like soaps, jam and ornaments that represent memories of you and her.
  • Make a photobook for her.
  • Make her breakfast in bed.
  • Do the gardening for her.
  • Fix up and repair stuff to her surprise! (see below too).
  • Give her flowers and chocolates (see material gifts below too).
  • Pay her bill(s) for that month.
  • Do the dishes, wash the laundry, or iron the clothes.
  • Relieve her of cooking or housework.

But, why not relieve her of housework or duties for even longer? Arrange a regular babysitting or cleaning for her. That way, your mother get to enjoy her Mother’s Day present for weeks at end!

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Words of Affection

Secondly, perhaps you are better at words. You can choose to write, recite, speak, or sing them out! Or, showcase your musical instrumental abilities! Here are recommendations from MEIDE to give words of affection:

  • Write her an appreciation note. Better still, hand write and personalize it with your decorations.
  • Throw in photos of affectionate moments such as those with her husband, other family members or yourself.
  • Write her a song, poem or short story
  • Perform or play that song out for her, live!
  • Create a special music playlist for her.
  • Create personalized gear like custom shirts, sweaters, caps or socks highlighting your special moments with mum, and do not forget to print out your words of affection on this gift!
Alleviate housework from your mother with MEIDE.SG dedicated home cleaning services!
Alleviate housework from your mother with MEIDE.SG dedicated home cleaning services!

3. Surprises!

Do something out of the ordinary. Yes, this might seem to contrast with what we mentioned earlier about “just being around”. However, what can make someone’s day more special, than being pleasantly shocked and awed?

The third best gift is to make this day special and surprising.

For instance, if you have recently been promoted at work, or scored good grades at school, do not announce it yet. Hold this information until Mother’s Day to give her a wide smile!

If you have been an untidy boy or messy girl, make this day special, by ensuring you clean up your room. Better still, clean up the whole house! Your mum would be awed by this drastic display of neatness.

Need help tidying your place? Book your #1 home services today! We can get your house sparking clean for Mother’s Day!

In fact, we can also arrange weekly cleaning sessions, to offload your mother’s work for weeks or months.

Surprise her during Mother’s Day EVEN without money or in lockdown!

For example, do not let long distances, or even isolation or social distancing hinder your quest to appreciate your mum. This is especially relevant in a world bogged by the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some tips for surprise gifts during Mother’s Day, if you are in a state of lock-down:

  • Gather all friends and familiar faces into a Zoom call, then invite your Mother in!
  • As a bonus, get everyone to write down wishes/blessings in a card and display it during the Zoom call.
  • Sing a song together and post if on any social media channel. Send the link to your mother on this special occasion.
  • Organize a virtual movie screening, dinner date, games night, or perform a gig (eg. talent skit, significant poem recital) via this virtual video call.
  • Send her flowers or gifts via delivery (if budget permits)
  • Yes, some prefer cash. You can even transfer her an e-Angbao or e-Hongbao cash gift!
  • Subscribe her to something she always wanted and give it to her during this day – whether it be regular home cleaning services, gym membership, or a Netflix subscription.
  • Write her a dedicated song, or draw up a piece of art that representing significant maternal bonds between her and you

If you have more tips or ideas, share them with us here on our social channels: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

4. Gift of Fulfilment

Fourthly, make sure your Mother’s Day gift is significant. It should be something that gives your mom a sense of fulfilment. This means knowing what your mom’s inner desires may be. Of course, we hope you already do! Otherwise, try asking your cousin, aunt, or fellow acquaintance to find out subtly!

In one example, you may know that your mother loves baking. Hence, organizing a baking session together would be ideal! Ideally, you could gather the required tools, ingredients and recipe, then bring your mom to the baking location to start. However, if your resources are limited, simply get help online on “cheap baking recipes” or book a baking studio.

There are several other instances of fulfilling gifts. Plan something meaningful, based on what your family and mother preferences may be. Here are some inspirations:

  • Solve a jigsaw puzzle of something meaningful (eg. your baby photo)
  • Cook A Meal For Her or the Family!
  • Plan A Movie
  • Plan A Shopping Trip (Set a budget!)
  • Organize a picnic together
  • Organize a workout session (popular ones are Yoga or spin classes nowadays!)
  • Bring her out to an attraction (perhaps use your Singapore REdiscover vouchers) of somewhere meaningful
  • Organize a gathering with her long lost buddies, besties and sisters

At the end of the day, a gift of fulfilment makes the best Mother’s Day gift because it is something memorable and heartwarming. If you have been so busy at work, that you hardly even talk to your mom, why not just spend the night having a heart-to-heart chat?

Something so simple, and costing zero cents, can also be a gift of fulfilment.

5. 80 Material Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Finally, we reach the end of the list. Are you ready for >80 gift ideas for the Best Mother’s Day present?

Besides, material gifts are gifts that majority of the population would think of, when they think of the “Best Mother’s Day Gift”. With already so many guides out there, MEIDE.SG has sieved out the 3 best lists, which adds up to more than 80 different Mother’s Day present ideas for you (material gifts)!

Here are the top lists for Material Gifts on Mother’s Day Gifts from our research:

All said though, if you have cash to spare, why not consider a woman’s best friend? Plenty of jewelry shops might have flash sales during this period. Therefore, it may be a good time to grant your mother her wish for that shiny gold necklace or bracelet!

With all respect to Material Gifts, we put it as the last item because they are often a hit or miss. When you buy something to wrap and give your mother, it would depend on whether she likes it or not!

Be sure to check if she already has a Wishlist, and whether she already has that item with her. In fact, someone else like your sibling may be preparing the same material gift!

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Who Should Read This?

Haha, we are just teasing you. The fact that you are reading to this end of the article, means you are filial and doting towards your parent!

Great job for making such an effort to prepare and celebrate this Mother’s Day.

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To answer the question, anybody who has a mother should read this. So, encourage your contacts to make this year’s Mother’s Day as special as possible. After all, none of us would be around without our dear Mothers!

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